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After 40 years of camping experience and leading company in portuguese camping guide (Camping Guide Roteiro Campista Portugal), CampingTablet was born in 2008, driven by our love of nature and the need to discover all the special places for campers and enjoy unforgettable moments. Our team has spent years acquiring knowledge and information about camping all across Europe. On CampingTablet you can find all campsites in Europe and information about each one. If you're looking for specific characteristics, location or pristine facilities, you’re on the right place to find the best campsites in Europe for leisure time or holiday.

A space dedicated to modern explorers, all those who do not settle for borders and venture in search of beauty, knowledge and the pleasure of discovering new places, whether with a backpack and sleeping watching the stars or in a tent or bungalow, teepee or camper… the important thing is to be outdoors and in close proximity to nature.

CampingTablet (managed by Roteiro Campista Lda.) is located at:

Rua do Giestal, nº5, 1º Frente
1300-274 Lisboa, Portugal